The Body Shop Organic Cotton Rounds Review

We all use cotton in our day-to-day life but very few of us realize the fact that cotton is one of the many products which is grown by the aid of harmful chemicals. Imagine using this chemically laden cotton on your face every day. I used to do that for my eyes. As I don’t like to use normal wipes to remove eye makeup and the wipes which I feel are actually safe for use from brands like Clinique are very expensive for me to be used on a daily basis. I use coconut oil and then use damp cotton to remove the makeup by just keeping the cotton on my eyes.

I came across an article which highlighted how horrible it is to use such cotton for the skin. It may have side-effects as severe as early signs of aging. I decided to switch to organic cotton at least for my face care routine. I had seen body shops organic cotton during my regular store visits. This time I decided to go ahead and purchase it.

Packaging of The Body Shop Organic Cotton Rounds:

The body shop organic cotton comes in a cylindrical packet, which is quite opaque to let you see the product quantity left. It has a thread attached to the opening, which you can use to tighten the packaging so that it remains protected from dust and moisture and is completely germ-free. Overall, the packaging does justice to the product. It is quite travel-friendly as well. You may also put the cotton pads in a travel size packet if you wish to. It works wonderfully both ways.

Product Description of The Body Shop Organic Cotton Rounds:


Our organic cotton rounds come complete with two fluff free surfaces for all your beauty needs. A must-have staple for every bathroom.

How to Use The Body Shop Organic Cotton Rounds:


Add product to the round and sweep evenly over the face and décolleté area.

Price of The Body Shop Organic Cotton Rounds:

INR 275 for 100 cotton pads.

My Experience With The Body Shop Organic Cotton Rounds:

The body shop organic cotton comes in square and circular shape. The one I purchased is the circular one. It has two different textured sides. One of the sides is plain and the other has a bit of pattern on it. You can use the plain side for eyes and the other side for the face and other uses.

However, there is no difference in the efficiency of the product on either side. The product is equally soft on both the sides and feels great on the skin. The cotton has a decent amount of thickness as well so you can easily use one cotton pad for each eye, using either side and have your eye makeup removed efficiently. The cotton feels so soft on the skin, I would say it is an important TLC that your skin needs. Personally, I refuse to use any other cotton for my face since I started using it, it is that good.

The cotton does not have a rough texture that the normal cotton has. It is perfect for under eye delicate region. It does not absorb the entire lotion or toner as the normal cotton does, leading to the wastage of the product. The cotton does not stick on eyes when you apply waterproof mascara.

Pros of The Body Shop Organic Cotton Rounds:

  • The product is 100% organic.
  • Free from harmful chemicals.
  • Feels feather soft on the skin.
  • Prevents early signs of aging.
  • Brilliant for eye makeup removal, very soft for under eye area.
  • Ideal to use for baby’s as their skin is too soft and delicate.

Cons of The Body Shop Organic Cotton Rounds:

  • Price can be a con for some.

Final verdict/ Rating of The Body Shop Organic Cotton Rounds:


I would recommend using organic cotton for the skin as I feel it is very important in our day-to-day routine.

Thank you so much for reading. If you guys, want me to do a post on why organic cotton is that important in the skincare routine, I would love to do it.Please leave your comments down below.

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