Nykaa EyemSMOKY Kajal Eyeliner Review

Hi Everyone! Hope you all are doing well. We all know how much we Indian girls love kajal. I used to love kajal back in my college times. I remember not stepping out of my room without putting it. However, after college, I became more of an eyeliner person.This new year I realized how much I missed it and made a new year resolution of putting kajal on every day. I know it’s kinda funny. But, it is a realistic one.

I had quite a few kajal lying around but, still got hands on this one from Nykaa. Let’s start with the review.

Product Description of Nykaa EyemSMOKY Kajal Eyeliner:

Source: https://goo.gl/TWdUhh

When in doubt, smoke it out! Nykaa EyemSMOKY kajal is all you need to create gorgeous sultry eyes. This Kajal has a crave-worthy color payoff for a waterproof wear that lasts up to 12 hours. The built-in ball smudger softens the edges and allows you to blend the kajal effortlessly. Opt for an intense kohl look or a sexy smoulder with our EyemSMOKY!

  • Made In Europe
  • Excellent Color Payoff
  • Intense matte black pigment
  • Waterproof and smudge-proof

Packaging of Nykaa EyemSMOKY Kajal Eyeliner:

It comes in a cardboard packaging of Nykaa brand colours. I am not the kind of person who stores the products in the packaging. So, will have to check if it is still lying around. It comes in a pencil form with kajal at one end and smudger at the other. It has a secure plastic cap on either side to close the product. The brand Name and product name is written in silver which makes the packaging look really cute. It is travel-friendly as well. I have been carrying it here and there, so as to write the review. That is how I manage to do both things.

You can hop the product in your bag for touch-ups.

Texture of Nykaa EyemSMOKY Kajal Eyeliner:

The product has a very creamy texture. It glides very easily on the water line. I feel the finish of the product is more of like a gel liner. The kajal is deeply pigmented and pays off the colour in one strike.

My Experience with Nykaa EyemSMOKY Kajal Eyeliner:

I have used the product for quite some time now. The colour pays off is really good. It shows deep black colour in one swipe and applies as a gel liner. It does not make the water line watery. The kajal does not irritate the eyes and is suitable for sensitive eyes as well.

So, I applied this kajal in the morning at about 9 a.m and it was pretty much there till 9 pm as well. It did fade a little bit but not something that I would mind at all.The kajal remains pigmented for 6-7 hours straight, which is really nice. It does smudge a little at the corners of the eyes. You can take care of this though powdering your eyes before applying this or using a brown eyeshadow to lock the colour. Honestly speaking on usual days I don’t have that much time to spend on eye makeup. I just prefer applying kajal!

Now talking about the smudger at first I did not like it.I thought it was just to show that the product can be used for dual purpose but as I got to use it I really loved it. Though It takes some time to get that smokey smudged look the smudger works really well.

It gives that perfect smokey eye look every time. The best part is that you don’t have to carry a separate makeup brush to smudge your kohl or do smokey eyes. One product and you are good to go! I have been using Nykaa’s Beauty Blender as well. I feel they have done a pretty good job with almost all of their products.

Pros of Nykaa EyemSMOKY Kajal Eyeliner:

  • The staying time of about 12 hours.
  • Does not give you panda eyes.
  • The formulae is quite pigmented.
  • Easy application.
  • Does not irritate the eyes.
  • Suitable for sensitive skin.
  • Two in one product
  • Easy to create smokey eye look

Cons of Nykaa EyemSMOKY Kajal Eyeliner:

  • I still feel the smudger could have been better!

Have you guys tried this one from Nykaa? Tell me how you like it in the comments below!

Thank you so much for reading!

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