Mac Prolong Wear Foundation Review

How are you doing????? I have not been well for quite some days now. My February started with cold, cough and fever and is pretty much the same. I wanted to click pictures for the blog as well but don’t really think putting makeup is a good option as I keep sneezing all day.

I have never been a foundation person. I had a couple of them but while my sister was getting married I thought I would invest in a good one. So, I got one of the best one they had. I have dry skin that behaves dry and patchy during winters! I have used this foundation both during winters and summer. So, let’s get started with the review. The shade that I have is NC 37.

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Price of Mac Prolong Wear Foundation:

$30 for 30 ml

Product Description of Mac Prolong Wear Foundation:


A comfortable, long-wearing foundation that gives medium coverage with a natural finish and up to 15 hours of wear in any environmental condition. Lightweight and creamy, it applies and blends easily leaving the skin feeling soft and free to breathe all day while controlling oil. Specially treated micronized pigments help give a smoother, more flawless, natural matte finish with stay-true colour.
Mac Prolong Wear Foundation

Claims and Benefits of Mac Prolong Wear Foundation

  • Long-wearing, 15 hours
  • Transfer-resistant
  • Oil-free
  • Controls oil
  • Provides stay-true colour
  • Sweat- and humidity-resistant
  • Photo-friendly
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Ophthalmologist tested
  • For all skin types

Packaging of Mac Prolong Wear Foundation Review:

The product comes in a glass bottle with a dispenser pump. I actually opened it for the first time while I was writing the review. It comes with a twist lock and unlock system to dispense the product. The lock works really well. Trust me, I have travelled to and from with the foundation so much. The product does not leak at all. But, you have to make sure that you actually close it before you put this in your bag.

Texture of Mac Prolong Wear Foundation Review:

Talking about the texture of the foundation it does not have a particular texture that I can point out. I mean it does now have a matte or dewy texture. It just blends into your skin that is it. You can always use a highlighter to add that glow though.

My experience with Mac Prolong Wear Foundation Review:

So as mentioned earlier I have used this product both in winters and summers, both with and without primer, sometimes just with a moisturizer underneath. I must say I am pretty impressed with the way it works. It gets blended into the skin really well. However, you have to be quick with the blending part. Don’t just dot the product and then roam around. It would make blending very difficult. I would say it has a medium coverage and is buildable as well.

Talking about the claims of the product that it lasts up to 15 hours. I would say it stays pretty much the same for 12 hours which I feel is pretty amazing and is still there until you take it off with a makeup remover.

I used this my all through my sister’s wedding and I absolutely loved it. A very nice foundation I must say, complete value for the money.

Talking about the transfer part. The foundation does not get transferred to phone screens or tissues.

I have eaten pretty much through the wedding. No stains I would say.

The most important part it photographs well, with flash or without flash it works really well.

The shade that I have taken NC 37 is a tad bit lighter than my skin tone. It is just a minute difference. But, it does get oxidized a bit after 2-3 hours so does not make much of a difference.You don’t need a lot of quantity for each use. Just one pump and you are good to go. If you more pigmented skin you make require half a pump more, but nothing major. It sits comfortably on your skin and does not make your skin feel stretchy. It is lightweight and easy to work with.

I think this one would work best for people with oily/combination skin. If you have dry skin like mine you have to make sure that you properly moisturize your face otherwise your dry skin patches will show.

Mac Prolong Wear Foundation

How to use Mac Prolong Wear Foundation:

I feel the foundation works best with a beauty blender. I have used this one with my fingers, beauty blender and real techniques brush that I am using at this point. If I have to choose one-way to use the product I would say use it with a beauty blender.

Pros of Mac Prolong Wear Foundation:

  • Have a lasting time of 13+ hours.
  • Does not make you look cakey.
  • It does not get transferred to phone screen or tissue.
  • Comfortable on the skin.
  • Photographs really well

Cons of Mac Prolong Wear Foundation:

  • You have to blend it quickly otherwise it would be difficult to get a nice finish.
  • May not be suitable for very dry skin.

I would recommend trying it in the store and checking the shade in daylight. Let it be on your skin for three hours and then choose.

Final Verdict/Rating of Mac Prolong Wear Foundation:


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