i everyone!! Hope you all are doing well. Today, I will review a product which can be a staple for nail paint lovers. Those of you apply nail paints must know how vital it is to have a nice nail paint remover which actually works. Especially, that phase where you want to change nail paint every other day.

Coming to the product, it comes in a 100 ml packing. The quantity totally justifies the price. To know how the product fared read on further.

How the brand defines Innisfree Nail Remover:-

The nail color remover that quickly and gently removes even the darkest shades of nail color.


Acetone,Water,Perfume,Glycerin,Octocrylene,Styrene/Acrylates Copolymer,Citrus Unshiu fruit oil,orange 4(CI 15510)


The product has a very fruity fragrance that very refreshing and citrusy which I think would be because of citru unshiu fruit oil. I personally never liked the fragrance of any of the nail paint removers be it colour bar, Lakme. So, people who feel the fragrance of such products is bothersome, you have a solution now. The product is off white in colour and evaporates very soon so you have to be careful not to keep the bottle lid open.

Packaging: –

The Innisfree Nail Remover comes in a transparent bottle which makes it very easy for you to see the quantity of product used. The packing is travel-friendly, Well! It took me some time to figure out how to open it, as I had never used such packaging before. You need to push down the cover and then twist it to open the bottle. So, be it travels or a nail paint emergency where you have to take it on the go, just hop on the product in your purse and you are good to go.

My take on the claims of Innisfree Nail Remover:-

As far as the claim of being eco-friendly is concerned I can’t really say if the product is 100% eco-friendly as the product, does contain Acetone as its first ingredient. There is a debate in the product being harmful to the nails. The acetone can be naturally derived as well, although that is not mentioned in English on the product and the SA did not have much knowledge about it either.

Now let’s talk about the claims of  Innisfree nail Remover. The claim of gently removing the nail paint is true as the product is not at all harsh on the skin, the darkest shades, however, takes a couple of more wipes to take off the colour.

My experience with Innisfree Nail Remover:-

I absolutely love the Innisfree nail remover. Though I’m not sure if the product is 100% natural, it is far better than the other options available in the market for the same price I would say.

It gently takes off the nail paint without being harsh on the skin. I personally have dry and sensitive skin. I have used the nail paint remover for a decent duration to say that it is very gentle on the skin, does not dry out your cuticles at all. For those of you who use nail paints very often may know that some nail paint removers tend to turn your nails pale due to harmful chemical present in them which certainly is not a pretty sight to look at. However, with this nail paint remover, you will not have to face any such issues even if you forget to use a base coat.

In the case of deep dark colours, you need to use the Innisfree nail remover twice. However, I’m not complaining because a lot of other options available in the market are far worse. This is one of the best nail paint removers available in the market with a decent price.


Pros Of Innisfree Nail Remover:-

  • Beautiful citrusy fragrance.
  • The remover is very mild on the cuticles and skin
  • You need small quantity each time so a single bottle goes a long way.
  • Contains natural ingredients and no harmful chemicals.
  • Stand true to its claim of removing the nail paint effectively.
  • Genuine price and quite pocket-friendly.

Cons of Innisfree Nail Remover:-

  • The availability of the product might be a problem since it has limited stores.
  • The product evaporates very soon so you have to be careful.

Final Verdict of Innisfree Nail Remover:-


Thank you so much for reading the review.

Until next time.