nversion method to grow one-inch hair in a week!

The inversion method has been all around the web for quite some time now. Okay, so how many times has it happened to you that you get a bad haircut due to the blessings of an overconfident hair stylist? Or went for short hair and then you want long tresses back?

In my case, this time I had to suffer at the hands of an extremely overconfident hair stylist. I had got Ombre done to my hair and then got a trim or a usual cut to chop off the unhealthy hair. Everything being done I still had decently long hair, about 27 inches I guess which had the colour of about one and a half inch.

Anyway, I loved it. But, I wanted to get the colour retouched. Cutting long story short, a stylist screwed my perfectly good hair and then I had to chop off my hair to 20 inches to get that healthy hair back.

This is probably the shortest hair I have ever had in my life apart from the time when I was growing out my hair in kindergarten I guess.

Although I liked the change and wanted my hair to be healthy rather than being long and unhealthy. I could not resist the research on how to grow out your hair.

To be honest I got a bad haircut in 2016 April and then by the end of the year my hair grew out. At, that time I heard of the inversion method, tried it, but I thought it took a lot of work and effort. It worked back then though.

This time I decided on trying the inversion method again. If you surf the internet you will find a lot of stories of the inversion method. It had worked for some and failed for few.

Also, I would like to mention here that this method may work for you at some level or may not work for you at all. You may gain half an inch or 1-inch growth after using the inversion method or you may not see hair growth at all.

The result varies from person to person. But, let’s admit it if there is a method that may grow my hair an inch in a week. I would definitely want to give it a try. Now let’s get into the process of the inversion method and its details.

How does the inversion method work?

  • Comb your hair thoroughly to make sure there are no tangles.
  • Heat oil any oil or oil mix in a bowl. You can use any oil that suits you.
  • Massage the oil in your hair for good 10 minutes. Make sure you cover the entire scalp and none of the portions of the scalp is left unattended.
  • Now, the most important step. Flip your hair upside down and keep it in that position for four minutes.
  • This is the maximum duration you should flip your head. You may use a timer for this or probably play a song that is that long approximately. At least, this is what do.
  • Then bring your head back up slowly. Don’t bring your head back in a hurry. If you do so you may feel dizzy or nauseous.
  • Wash off your hair to get rid of the oil.
  • Repeat this process for seven days once in a day.
  • Measure before and after to see the growth.

My experience with the inversion method:

To be very honest it is very difficult to use such methods. Massing your scalp every day with the oil and doing the tedious job of washing your hair every day. You must have a lot of patience for this. However, I had the heart to do it continuously for a week and saw amazing results. My hair did grow by an inch by the end of the week. I’m attaching before and after picture for your reference.

Caution while you are following the inversion method:

  • Use this method only one time in a month or this method won’t be effective as your scalp will get used to it.
  • In case you feel dizzy or unwell using the method, stop using this method at once.
  • Do not use this method for more than once a month or you will not get the results.
  • Results may differ from month to month and even person to person. Someone who has extremely unhealthy scalp may not see the difference.

Final verdict on the inversion method:

I would definitely recommend trying the method keeping in mind the right way to do it and then experiment with it accordingly.

Don’t forget to share your pictures with me on my Instagram with #SMJTips and tag me in it. Also, share your experience in the comment section below after you try this out. Feel free to ask any queries for the same.

Thank you so much for reading.

Until next time,


Ridhima Sethi