Hello everyone! Hope you all are doing well. Today I’ll be reviewing every girl’s dream. I hope you have read the review of Forest Essentials hair thickening spray. Both the products are just dream come true. Yea! you read it right it sure is every girl’s dream. It is a miracle hair product for hair growth I would say. I am a very big fan of forest essentials products. My entire skincare regime comprises of most of forest essentials products.

I have seen the product in the store a couple of times, but I never felt the need to buy it, considering the long tresses that I had. There is no shame in saying my hair was not completely healthy as my hair was frizzy and dry but I loved it, and then came a terrible haircut, in which the hairdresser despite me clearly stating that I did not want to cut the length, chopped my waist length hair, to above the shoulder hair. Okay! I simply do not understand what is with these people? I clearly had a conversation with the owner of the salon saying I did not want to go short on length. She promised that she would brief the hairstylist regarding my requirements, but all in vain.

For what it’s worth I said to the owner’s mother face that their salon was much hyped and worthless. That is the only thing I could do. Coming back to how I got the product. I was very upset with the haircut and then Mr. B said that I should go to my research zone and see any product to grow hair fast and long.

This was the first thing that came to my mind. So, the next thing I did was that I went to the store and purchased it.

Product Description of Forest Essentials Bhringraj Hair Vitalizer :

(Source: https://www.forestessentialsindia.com)

Forest Essentials Hair Vitalizer Bhringraj is designed to stimulate hair growth and restore vitality of hair. This multi functional hair vitalizer is enriched with Ayurvedic herbal extracts which deliver optimal anti-breakage benefits and strengthen hair follicles. It is a clear light honey colored liquid which can be sprayed on the clean and dry scalp every day. Non sticky and easy to use. It’s benefits include stimulating hair growth, improving the structure and increasing volume of the hair and strengthening the hair to resist damage.

How to use it?

Section your hair into parts and spray the product to the scalp, massage for a minute or so that the product is evenly distributed to the hair and you are good to go.

Now, coming to the review.

Price of Forest Essentials Bhringraj Hair Vitalizer :

INR 975 for 100ml

Packaging of Forest Essentials Bhringraj Hair Vitalizer :

Forest Essentials Bhringraj Hair Vitalizer comes in a plastic classic forest essentials bottle with the product name written on it so it’s easy to spot if you are a forest essentials hoarder like me, and the quantity, which is 100 ml. The product has a spray bottle which works quite well and dispenses the product in the required quantity. But, as the product gets used up the pump does not work that well. The bottle is not that travel-friendly in my opinion, but nothing a piece of tape can’t take care of. Just wrap a bit of around the cap and hop it in your bag.

Fragrance of Forest Essentials Bhringraj Hair Vitalizer :

The product has quite strong fragrance. It has a variety of ingredients I do not know exactly what the smell is off. It definitely does not smell of a particular ingredient I guess it’s a mixed scent. Initially, I did not like the scent that much, but now I love it, probably because it is the smell of my hair coming back on track.:P However, for sensitive noses, there is a good news that the smell goes off after a while so you are good to go.

My experience with Forest Essentials Bhringraj Hair Vitalizer :

I started using the product each time I washed my hair for about one month after I had the haircut. There was hair growth, but at that point in time, I was doing every possible thing for hair growth being in the shock that I was. I was eating well, oiling my hair.

Then I came back home, and I had the problem of scalp acne again. I always stop the fancy hair care routine or skin care routine and go back to basics when I have such trouble. Just shampoo conditioner and tea tree oil routine.

I saw the product lying on my shelf and then thought to myself the test it again. So, I sprayed it on the hair on the region in the front where I had baby hair that just refuses to grow out and to my surprise which was, by the way, very pleasant one my hair actually grew out like literally grew out. This shows that the product helps grow hair, which is no less than a miracle I would say.

Also, you can spray the product in the mane and it makes hair manageable and soft. Also, the product does not make hair greasy at all so you can use it every time you wash your hair and nobody can make out that you are wearing it.

Pros of Forest Essentials Bhringraj Hair Vitalizer :

  • Promotes hair growth.
  • With regular use, it covers bald patches as well.
  • Does not make hair greasy.
  • Easy to use the spray bottle.

Cons of Forest Essentials Bhringraj Hair Vitalizer :

  • Price I would say,
  • I feel that sometimes you can end up using more product than required in the begging, but once you get hold of it you know how much to use.

Final verdict/ Rating of Forest Essentials Bhringraj Hair Vitalizer :


I would highly recommend the product as with the benefits it gives I think you can overlook the price.

Thank you so much for reading!!

Until next time


Ridhima Sethi