About me

Hey, I’m Ridhima Sethi, a marketer by profession.
Follow my journey of pursuing my passion.Read on to know what Skin Makeup Journal is all about? And what inspired me to create it?

“The world is full of magic; you just have to believe in it!” 
Skin Beauty Journal is my magic that cumulates two things that I love insanely: Beauty and Writing.

Beauty; Makeup and skin care are my “premier amour.”The tale dates back to my college times while researching for products to deal with some skin issues I was facing,I found where my heart lies and then there was no turning back.I can actually spend hours researching and reading about skin care, hair care, and beauty and barely get tired of it. It’s my stress buster, you see!
Writing; there is something about putting pen to paper that makes me happy. Consider me old school. A day with a little bit of scribbling on a piece of paper about anything or absolutely nothing is a good day.

Skin Makeup Journal is my online diary where I have clubbed the bliss of contentment and happiness that both these things bring into my life, my magic that I aspire to maintain and grow with nothing but love and honesty.Here, you will be reading reviews on skin care, body care, hair care products and easy DIY’S.
Each article is a piece of art for me in which, I share my experience with the products to help you answer your dilemma, to buy or not to buy?These are not just reviews, but my experience, tips, and suggestions written in this 21st-century journal, through these screens that connect us all, beyond distance, magical right?
I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it and it helps you find the perfect product to take care of your outer beauty.Skin Makeup Journal is my reminder that dreams do come true, you just have to work for it. Thank you so much for finding time to getting to know me.Wait, almost forgot, Unicorns are real! I absolutely love them.