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L.A Girl HD Pro Conceal Green Review

L.A Girl HD Pro Conceal Green

Hi Everyone! Hope you are are doing well.

I have been so sick this past month. I can’t even begin to tell you. Any which way. I had to get back to blogging.

Today, the product that I will be reviewing is a colour corrector. Although, nowadays I have a clear skin. But, there was a time I was facing all that breakouts so I got this.A Girl HD Pro Conceal Green.

Price of L.A Girl HD Pro Conceal Green:

INR 595

Product Description of L.A Girl HD Pro Conceal Green:


L.A. Girl’s HD Pro Concealer is crease-resistant with opaque coverage in a creamy, yet lightweight texture. The long-wearing formula camouflages darkness under the eyes, redness and skin imperfections. Provides complete, natural-looking coverage, evens skin tone, covers dark circles and minimizes fine lines around the eyes.

GC992 – Green Corrector: Neutralizes redness.

*Apply correctors under regular concealer to create a perfectly even complexion. Complete makeup routine by applying the Highlighter as the last step after foundation.

How to use  L.A Girl HD Pro Conceal Green:


Choose a color one or two shades lighter than your complexion. Apply to clean, makeup-free skin with a brush or fingertip for best results. Top with loose powder to set. Reapply if necessary. Try blending a couple of shades together for the perfect match. This multitasking concealer is perfect for contouring & highlighting.

L.A Girl HD Pro Conceal Green

Packaging of L.A Girl HD Pro Conceal Green:

The colour corrector comes in a very handy packaging, which is quite compact and has a brush applicator. The corrector is easy to travel with and the green colour makes it really easy to spot the product.

Texture and Fragrance of L.A Girl HD Pro Conceal Green:

The concealer has a creamy texture and is very pigmented. The product after blending gives a completely matte finish. The product does not have a foul fragrance. I can’t point out in particular what the fragrance is but it is very mild and subsides after some time.

My experience with L.A Girl HD Pro Conceal Green:

To be honest this was the first time I was using a colour corrector. The first time I used it I went a little overboard with L.A Girl HD Pro Conceal Green.I feel you have to squeeze the tube too hard to dispense the product. My tube has deformed with only two uses. The brush is very soft and comfortable on the skin.

L.A Girl HD Pro Conceal Green is insanely pigmented so I would suggest using a very little quantity every time. The product would last you quite so time considering the amount of product required for each application.

The brush is just for application and does not blend the product at all. The blending can be done with the help of a beauty blender. After blending L.A Girl HD Pro Conceal Green, it gives a completely matte finish with a pastel green cast on the face.

L.A Girl HD Pro Conceal Green

The colour corrector is more on the pastel side. L.A Girl HD Pro Conceal Green conceals pimples and redness pretty nicely. I would recommend using a foundation or a concealer on the top to get a natural finish.

How L.A Girl HD Pro Conceal Green concealer works?

I almost looked like the mask first time I used this. Jokes apart, L.A Girl HD Pro Conceal Green works well with the pimples and redness. What else do you need?

But if you have nasty pimples, In other words, a rather prominent one. You won’t be able to hide it completely with this colour corrector. It would be a little evident. So if you looking for a concealer insane amount of redness and cover your acne flawlessly. You would need some other colour corrector I guess.

L.A Girl HD Pro Conceal Green only works well if you have a little redness. Also, make sure you moisturize your skin prior using this on your face. Otherwise, the blending would be a little difficult. In case you are using it with a brush make sure you damp it a little with the face mist for easy blending.

L.A Girl HD Pro Conceal Green photographs well with flash photography and normal photographs both so you don’t have to work about a weird caste on your face.

So, go ahead buy this one and say bye to bad skin days with this one easily.

Pros of L.A Girl HD Pro Conceal Green:

  • Hygenic Tube Packaging.
  • Brush applicator for easy application.
  • Easy to blend.
  • Combats redness and pimples.
  • Can be used by people with all skin tone.

Cons of L.A Girl HD Pro Conceal Green:

May not be suitable for you are looking to cover highly can prone skin.

Final Verdit/ Rating of L.A Girl HD Pro Conceal Green:


If you are looking for something to conceal redness or pimples try this one for sure. But if you have really bad acne or extreme redness skip this one.

Ridhima Sethi

Ridhima Sethi

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