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Toni and guy is a hair styling and hair care brand which claims to have British precision and Italian flair.
It has multiple branches of hair salon providing hair services all across the globe. Apart from having a very nice salon service tony and guy have a line of professional hair care and hair styling products as well that aims in providing hair care and services at a nominal price that everybody can afford.
You name it and they have it.
Their product line includes hair care products such as shampoo.
Toni and Guy have an amazing line of hair styling products as well. In addition to this Toni and Guy have a wide range of hair accessories as well such as air bands, hair clips, and hair ties.
The brand has a specific range of products for men grooming and styling as well. In addition to this Toni and guy offer hair extensions as well. All your hair care and styling needs are fulfilled by a single brand.

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