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Category: Nose Pore Strips

Nose Pore Strips in the language of a common man would be a band-aid. Yes, right a band-aid aiming at cleaning dirt and grim of your nose. Nose is usually one of the neglected parts of skin care regime, but it is very important to take care of its wellness as well.
These strips remove the dirt from the nose.

Nose pore strips Usage:

These strips can be charcoal based, which is one of the most famous base product for nose strips nowadays. These strips have a sticky base which like a glue adheres to your skin and dry off after some time. The dirt and white heads stick to this film and come of thus leaving a clean skin behind. These strips as mentioned are specifically meant for the nose area and should not be used for the rest of the face. A few popular brands for nose pore strips are Innisfree, The face shop etc. It is advisable to use the nose pore strips once or twice a week depending on your skin type

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