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Lips are one the most important features of your face. After eyes, the first feature that gets highlighted is your lip. It is very important to take proper care of the lips as it has the most sensitive skin in the body.

In terms of proper care, you should be exfoliating and moisturizing them twice a day. Apart from lip care ritual there a lot of products that are available when it comes to make- up for it. Some of them are lip creams, lip balms, lip stains, lip glosses and not to forget lipsticks.

Lip care and Lip Products

Choosing of the right product should depend on your skin type. For Eg: A matte lipstick won’t work for people with dry lips. Similarly, a person with oily skin would not be comfortable with wearing a gloss.

There are products that can be used for cheek as well. You should choose the product according to your complexion and swatch it before buying anything.

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