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Category: Lip Stain

Lip stain is a makeup product that is used for your lips. As the name suggests it is supposed to add stain to your lips and add color to it. There are a lot of options available in the market now when it comes to lip tint. There are a lot of brands that have a plenty of options such as Clinique, color bar, Loreal, Maybelline etc.

Also, these tint can have a different base as well such as liquid base, cream base, powder base and much more. You should choose the stain according to your skin type. A dry skin type would not work well with powder lip stain as it will dry the lips further.

Lip Stain types

The type of lip tint apart from its base should also include depends on your complexion. Deeper skin tones should not go for lighter colors as it would not show on their complexion. Similarly a colour that is too light would wash you out completely.

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