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Face Mist is a boon for tired and dull skin. It restores the moisture back into the skin that the heat has taken away. So, the days when your skin feels tired or lifeless a face mist is an easy fix. Just a couple of sprays and you are good to go. Face mist is usually water based and is light on the skin.

There are a lot of ways to use a facial mist. It can be used as a toner in CTM routine. When you use your face the face wash however, mild it may be washes away the natural oils from the facial skin as well, the toner restores the moisture back into the skin. You can use the mist at the end of makeup to add that natural glow to the skin and seal the deal with your makeup. During summers, a face mist is your best friend. Spray it on your face to get that cool effect and that natural glow.

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