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Eye makeup is probably is the easiest form of makeup. To be very honest I guess a lot of us start doing it when we are young schools, colleges etc.

Eyeliner is the easiest form of makeup there is. There are a lot of options that are available nowadays in terms of eyeliners as well. Gel liners, liquid liners, kohl pencils.

This was talking about eyeliners in terms of product. Apart from this, the application part is also very fascinating. There are a lot of looks that you can create with the eyeliner, cat-eye, winged liner or a simple liner.

Apart from the traditional black liner. There are a plenty of options to choose from. Blue, green, deep aqua.

If you are are starting off with the eyeliner start off with the basic liner and then continue it with the other techniques slowly. Experimentation is the key. Try working with different with other eyeliners as see which one works for you.

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