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Clinique is a fragrance-free and allergy tested skin care and makeup brand. They a wide range of products for the people with sensitive skin. They offer a wide range of products for both men and women.
In addition to this their 3 step skin care regime has been quite a revolution as well. if you are someone who cannot use a lot of makeup products because of allergy issues clinique should be able to solve the issue. Their makeup collection includes foundation, lipstick, blush etc. you name it and they have it.

It also has a wide range of products targeting skin issues such as skin whitening, acne and dark spots. talking about skincare the brand offers a wide range of sun protection products as well. Anti-ageing being a concern of quite a lot of people clinique offers a separate range to deal with this issue as well. so if you have sensitive skin or allergy prone skin clinique is your best bet.

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